OPINI: Is Character Education Is Important to be Imply?

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Education is the basic fundamentally things to be take by all the human in the universe. Education make us strong, make us more persistence to decide a choices of life, education is very important for us to build our character, behavior and attitude to be a good personality in honest, brave, and do the right things.

To achieving a well being education, there are a lot of teachers and the existence of family teaching to their children to create a good character inside the children. To build a good character or ‘akhlakul karimah’ upon their education itself it is siginifacantly needed the most than to become the smarter one but lack of manner or being disrespect or disregard.

Character is the root of an act of a person, character is the key to become a good person, character is the mirror to reflect how we are. The main problem of Indonesia like corruptor and many impostor is the reflection of our bad education of character that ironically happened on our country. Also the way of how the children or students act in front their family or teacher who consider to disrespectful or tend to be mischiveous on the time. It is all depicted clearly of how people of Indoensia is crisis of respect and personality. Chacacter education is including of respectful, tolerance, and being honest.

Being respect to someone means to controlling the children’s act on how their behave, how their speak, and how their manner to be always respect each other, listening to the advice that already given by parents, teachers or even friends. Tolerance are also important to be build, since Indonesia is the diversity country with many of perspectives and religion or race inside. In order to also respecful, children suppose to be tolerance each other. Because if the children use to be tolerance, so that there will be no longer discrimination or racism among the society. The next thing is being honest. Honesty is such an expensive card to be imply on ourself.

Honesty could be sometimes telling the truth that is fact but is hurt to be reveal, but that is more better than beng dishonest and done some cheating on the examination on the class or being a  corruptor to gain a lot of money. Honesty become  a very good thing to be concern because when you being honest to yourself, you will get happiness and serenity. Education should be more encourage the children to be always being honest with everything, so that the circumstance of prosperity will hopefully getting easier to be reach. Education of character should be imply to make the good quality of human sources. It is pathetic if the children is very clever but they did not having a good character inside, like they are being arogant or selifsh with the ego of themself to reach the highest rank on the class by cheating for instance.


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