OPINI: What Roles Should Parents Imply For Children Education During Pandemic?

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Well parenting and a good family background is the key of the successfull children. Parents become the major of the role model to be imitated by their children. Therefore, parents should be always giving their children a lot of attention and care. The more of time to spend the quality time with family, the more harmonious family will be. It will help the children to creating their mentally health. Children’s need the presence of parent more than anything, especially on this pandemic era.

Children’s suppose to be helped by their family. On this pandemic era, every students doing their learning process from home. We could not deny that this situation is also tough for us to be adapted. Now, every parents have to do some extra effort to also teach and monitoring their children. Moreover, when the children are still in the very young ages like elementary school, or junior high school. For senior high school or college students, it is better easier to cheer up them, motivate them since they are already matured enough to taking care of their school activities.

But then it took a time and extra endeavor to teach the kid or young ages. On this time, the presence of parents are needed the most. Parents should helping and monitoring their children’s studies very well. Whenever, the children has a difficult assignments or homework, and their starting to stressed out, or they did not understand the materials from their children via online. That is the time when parents should be there to at least support them a lot, help them with patience and not to give up on their children.

In order to sum up the children motivation towards learning, parents should not leaving them alone facing their gadget or laptop all the time. Parents should also restricted the use of smartphone and computers to reduce the blue screen radition of children’s eyes for their health too. Perhaps, the parents could also making some family private rules to not using an internet if there is not an urgent calls or not about academic stuff more than three hours or kind of that.


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